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Our full-service commercial electrical company serves as a contractor for the following markets: commercial office interiors and exteriors, retail stores, hospitals, healthcare facilities, higher education, religious institutions, hospitality and event spaces, data centers, mission-critical facilities, communication towers, manufacturing, and industrial facilities, storage facilities, government facilities, and utilities.

We have licensed electrical contractors who can complete your commercial project quickly and cost-effectively, as well as provide light design consulting services. Pro Power and Electric would like to be your electrical contractor of choice; please contact us with questions about our services or to submit a bid.

Industrial Generator installation ATF
New Construction Industrial Generator

New construction, implementation, and testing of a industrial generator (back up power supply) at large federal facility in Halltown, WV

Commercial Office Interior Light Design

Commercial office building light design build project at a facility in Northern Virginia.

VAV System & Interior Lighting

Aberdeen, Harford County, Maryland. Install VAV (Variable Air Volume) operation system and new interior light design to conference rooms to increase energy efficiency in the building. Our commercial electricians hooked up the rooftop VAV system installed by a mechanical contractor to the building electrical supply. LED lighting systems and other project-related tasks were performed to create more efficient, modern conference rooms.

UPS Replacement

Patuxent River, Maryland: Remove the existing UPS cabinet, reinstall the existing power source and replace it with a new UPS System.

Lab Renovation

Patuxent River, Maryland lab renovation project.

Office Interior Design Build

Complete design build and interior lighting design for professional office redesign in Baltimore, MD. All safety, fire suppression, and mechanical systems were upgraded to ensure modern building codes were met.

Burial Tape
Conduit in Quazite Box
commercial trenching conduit
commercial interior electrical panel installation
Excavation & Conduit Installation

Excavation and backfill of 25 LF x 8″ x 24″ trench for new 1″ PVC conduit in Stafford County, VA. Install a 1″ PVC conduit from the quazite box to the facility equipment room. WE furnished and installed an MC cable to feed the receptacle to the existing panel and installed a new 20A breaker to provide the new circuit. Pro Power performed restoration of the trenched area with backfilling, seed, and straw.

Aircraft Hanger Upgrades

Electrical upgrades to the aircraft hanger and adjacent offices at Patuxent River, Maryland. Scope of work included and was not limited to disconnecting and removing the existing dual drop compensator and salvaging the existing cable to use on the new converter. Replace hanger lighting and recycle old bulbs. Install OCC sensors in hanger offices. Furnish and install two duplex receptacles. Change out three existing boxes with new ones. Furnish and install feed from the existing LCB panel to the new Sub Panel. Furnish and install a 3 phase 4 wire 120/208 Volt MCB sub panel at the tool crib area instead of eight 20-amp home run circuits. Ensure All receptacles shall be GFCI protected. Remove conduit and conductors back to hangar wall and install a junction box over the two lines.

BGE Tower Power Generator & ATS

Cell Tower power supply upgrade included installing a new generator & automatic transfer switch (ATS), double the number of conduits running from the generator to the cabinet and the ATS.

bank interior lighting renovation
Ally Bank

Financial institution renovation. Provided new lighting system and programmed according to customer needs. Upgraded electrical components of new heating and air conditioning systems.

Verizon Center light board
Verizon Conference Center E2-A

Complete electrical renovation of the Ashburn, VA building. State of the art LED lighting, conference renovation and lobby lightboard.

Bank interior remodel
Patuxent River Building 3

Renovations to interior electrical of the existing on-base bank building. Provided a new fire alarm system and upgraded all electrical components within the building.

Military Event Gazebo Lighting Specialist
Indian Head Building Interior & Event Gazebo

Exterior and interior building renovation of a government building. Provided a new interior electrical fire safety alarm system for a government building. Fit-out exterior ceremony gazebos with lighting.

Verizon Confrence Room
Verizon Building G2-4

Renovation of data center conference room, installed state of the art LED lighting and wireless controls.

Server room wiring by pro power and electric
Patuxent Naval Base Building 4

Renovation of existing government offices. Provide cable tray system for secure wiring system. Provided full electrical upgrade of server room components.

government interior electrical light design
Aberdeen Proving Ground Bldg. A

Renovation of a government building, providing design-build electrical system including power panels and new fire alarm systems.

Naval Facility at Indian Head

Renovation of existing government warehouse. Installing new high-bay LED lighting with a new control system. Installation of new fire alarm electrical system.

Interior Office Electrical Design Build

Office interior demolition, renovation, and remodel of a multi-use office facility in Hagerstown, Maryland. Services include light design-build, complete upgrades to mechanical and electrical including HVAC system, fire suppression, safety system, wireless security system, onsite data center, and industrial backup generator.

Aberdeen Proving Ground Electrical Upgrade

Install new addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP), power supplies, and transmitter at a secret location. The building was equipped with a new fire suppression system, 24hr HVAC support for cooling, and temporary ATS for power transfer in case of a power outage. The new fire alarm system included remote annunciators at alternate locations and recessed/surface mounts required by the latest safety code. As part of the scope, PPE provided a disconnect junction box for CLP to terminate lines at the location that met National Electric Code (NEC) requirements for permanent installation in the event that it becomes a permanent install.

Pro Power and Electric team members coordinated directly with the local fire department and City, Light, and Power (CLP) to ensure open client communications throughout the project.

commercial electrician lab renovation project DMV
Exterior Lighting and Security System

Exterior surround lighting and security system upgrade at a mission-critical secure facility in Delaware.